At the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), Social Responsibility is ingrained into the corporate culture and strategic objectives.

EBI’s CSR activities evolved throughout the years from philanthropy towards sustainable development, especially in critical areas that would create a sustainable Egyptian society; namely education.

Shaping the Future

Shaping the Future is a National initiative that was designed in 2012 by EBI under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt, with a vision of enhancing people’s capability to manage their finances, understand and use different financial services through financial education, awareness and thereby contribute to financial inclusion.


Basira was launched in 2020 to improve access to quality of life for people with disabilities by providing access to quality education for students living with blindness and low-vision through improved, more accessible support. The initiative’s pilot phase was launched by addressing the Visually Impaired challenges during COVID-19.


EBI continues to take leaps in its social responsibility activities and how they are perceived and implemented. Sustainable development marks a milestone in EBI’s endeavors, which it works very hard to ensure and will continue to grow for the benefit of the society.