The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) undertakes a wide range of knowledge empowerment events aimed at member banks, academia, researchers and government officials. Events include conferences, seminars, workshops, awareness sessions and public lectures which are aimed to offer member banks with the opportunity of staying up with changes in industry standards and practices.

EBI events offer an extensive range of banking and financial related subjects; exploring in-depth topics, policy making subjects, solutions and contributing to the process of resolving challenges faced by the sector.  Besides hosting local experts and professionals, some of these events feature international visiting experts, who share their global expertise on topics of particular relevance to local professionals.

Over the past 20 years, EBI has conducted a number of highly strategic events with a market defining print.

  • Events during 2016-2017
    • “SME Banking Egypt: Road Map for the Future” international conference in cooperation with Bloomberg business week- middle east
    • “ Risk Mitigation” workshop in cooperation with African Development Bank
    • Evolution to finance seminar
    • Organizing workshop for : Drafting The Action Plan For The National Strategy For Financial Literacy In Egypt
    • Co-organizing enhancing business environment workshop at faculty of economics and political science- Cairo university
    • ورشة عمل لشباب الصحفيين حول أساسيات العمل المصرفي والمالي بفندق موفينبيك بالسادس من أكتوبر-مدينة الإنتاج الإعلامي

    Events during 2014-2015

    • “Enterprise Risk Management in Challenging Times” seminar
    • GIZ Workshop “Financial Education in Egypt – Discussing the Way Forward and Shaping the Future”
    • “Strategic Planning and Budgeting” seminar in cooperation with Institute of    Management Accountants
    • “International Best Practices on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Integration in the Financial Sector” seminar
    • ورشة عمل حول تحويلات العاملين بالخارج وتأثيرها على التنمية بالتعاون مع اللجنة الاقتصادية والاجتماعية لغربي آسيا (اسكوا) -الأمم المتحدة
    • “ندوة السادة موجهي ومدرسي التعليم الثانوي الفني التجاري بمديرية التعليم بالقاهرة”
    • ندوة عن ” أثر مبادرة البنك المركزي للتمويل العقاري على الاقتصاد المصري”
    • ورشة عمل للسادة الصحفيين حول أحدث المستجدات على الساحة المالية والمصرفية بفندق موفينبيك بالعين السخنة

    Events during 2012-2013

    • Inclusive Banking Seminar at EBI Nasr City
    • Leadership in a Changing World seminar in cooperation with Tyro Consultancy/The British Council at Marriott Hotel
    • Maximizing Business by Delivering World Class Customer Service seminar in cooperation with Tyro Consultancy
    • Roundtable Discussion: Private Equity Investment by Banks – Which Mechanisms Work Best for Egypt? , in cooperation with ECRA and EPEA
    • ندوة عن ” البنوك بين تمويل عجز الموازنة وتمويل النشاط الاقتصادي”
    • ندوة عن ” الدور التنموي للبنوك المتخصصة في إطار الصيرفة الشاملة “
    • ندوة عن” القطاع المصرفي المصري والأزمة الاقتصادية الحالية” برعاية المركز الإعلامي العربي
    • ندوة عن “دور القطاع المصرفي في حفز النمو وتنشيط الاقتصاد المصري” بفندق ماريوت
    • ورشة عمل للسادة الصحفيين بالعين السخنة بعنوان ” التعريف بالنظام المصرفي والمالي للإعلاميين” بالعين السخنة

    Events during 2010-2011

    • Facilitating access to finance to SMEs stakeholder’s coordination seminar in cooperation with Business Development Services Support Project (BDSSP)
    • Mediation in banking disputes seminar in cooperation with IFC at EBI Nasr City
    • Value Chain Management workshop in cooperation with the International Management & Finance Academy (IMFA)
    • On the road from Basel II to Basel III seminar in cooperation with the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)
    • Facilitating the Implementation of IFSB Standards workshop in cooperation with The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB)
    • Developments in the Anti-Money Laundry and Financing Terrorism Law workshop
    • Reforming Corporate Governance in time of crisis seminar in cooperation with IFC
    • Finance and default treatment during crisis seminar in cooperation with ECRA
    • Economic Performance workshop in Egypt in cooperation with(GIZ)
    • The retail banking revolution comes to Egypt in cooperation with Lafferty
    • Labor Law in the Wake of Recent Uprisings workshop in cooperation with Shalakany Law Office
    • Egypt: finding opportunities in post – revolutionary investing seminar in cooperation with the US Embassy

  • Annual Conference
    • EBI conducts its international conference on a yearly basis to tackle one of the recent trending topics in the banking and financial industry.
    • 1st Annual Conference:The Role of Human Resources in Banking Sector Reform – 2007
    • 2nd  Annual Conference:Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy – 2008
    • 3rd Annual Conference:The Future of the Banking Sector Post the Financial Crisis: Challenges & Opportunities – 2009
    • 4th  Annual Conference:SMEs Financing an Integrated Vision for the Next Era – 2010
    • 5th Annual Conference: The Banking Sector and Global Financial Stability: Challenges & Prospects 2012
    • 6th Annual Conference:Towards Banking Sustainability: Principles & Roadmap – 2014
    • 7th Annual Conference:Financial Innovation in the Banking Sector – 2015
    • 8th Annual Conference:Risk Management: New Trends in the Banking Sector – 2016
    • 9th Annual Conference: Promoting Financial Inclusion in the banking sector

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Session 2

EBI 9th Annual Final Conference agenda_Financial Inclusion