Shaping the Future is a National initiative designed in 2012 by the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt, dedicated to the enhancement and implementation of Financial Literacy and the development of Friendly Financial Products for Children and Youth in Egypt and the Middle East.

The initiative’s activities rely on three pillars:

  1. Development of Egypt’s Strategy for Financial Literacy
  2. Deliver Financial Education and Awareness
  3. Friendly Financial Products

Vision: Sustained financial well-being for Egyptian citizens to; eventually contribute to national economic empowerment &viability.

Mission: Support the creation of; competitive role models and best practices on the national, regional and international levels, through; financial literacy and promoting child and youth friendly financial products.

The initiative’s objectives:

  • Enhancing and developing financial literacy in Egypt.
  • Developing individual’s capacity to make wise financial decisions
  • Developing friendly financial products for children and youth.
  • Protection from financial risks.

Financial Awareness Campaign

EBI has cooperated with Visa International Company to launch a campaign for raising the awareness of public sector employees from entities like (Ministry of Environment – Tax Authority – Egyptian Forecasting agency).

School Bank Project

In cooperation with Banque Misr and an International School, EBI has introduced the Financial Education content to 180 students in grades 7,8, and 9.

Preparing the Financial Education Content

EBI has cooperated with the International Organization of Aflatoun to prepare the financial education content in accordance with the Egyptian Society characteristics.

Cooperating with Ministries

EBI has partnered with Ministries of Education and youth and sports to provide awareness sessions in schools and youth centers on the importance of financial education.

The Global Money Week

Participating in the Global Money Week annually: a global annual money awareness celebration initiated by the Child and youth Finance International (CYFI) since 2012 in collaboration with various partners to organize financial literacy activities, EBI has been participating annually since 2013 in numerous activities that take place in the GMW framework:

  • Visits to banks and financial institutions.
  • Ringing the Stock Exchange bell.
  • Visiting Talaat Harb Museum.
  • Coordinating with the Ministry of Education to provide Financial Education Training of Trainers (TOT) sessions for teachers.
  • Working with Ministries of Education and Youth and Sports to deliver Financial Education Basics to more than 1,700,00 of Youth and Children all over the country.

Being aligned with international best practices, EBI is a board member in Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI), a dedicated movement for Financial Inclusion and Literacy of Children and Youth. CYFI is also the initiator of Global Money Week (GMW), a worldwide annual event held on the second week of March of each year, dedicated to raising the financial awareness of children and youth.

  • EBI Participated in the Global Money week and made a great achievement which is leading Egypt to win five consecutive awards in four years from CYFI:
  • 2014: MENA Region Global Money Week Award in CYFI world Summit in the United Nations, New York.
  • 2015: MENA Region Country Award
  • 2016: MENA Region Country Award
  • 2016: Special Recognition GMW Global Award
  • 2017: MENA Region Country Award

Furthermore, EBI is also a member in the International Network on Financial Education

(INFE) which serves as a platform to collect data on financial literacy, develop analytical and comparative reports, research, and develop policy instruments.

organizations and individuals can participate in Shaping the Future Initiative. Organizations such as Banks & Financial Institutions can develop friendly financial products that serve Children and Youth or sponsor/ develop a Financial Literacy/ Financial Education project e.g. adopt areas, execute awareness campaigns. Non-governmental organizations and schools can also participate by providing a curriculum for financial education, encourage volunteers to offer TOTs on financial literacy and arrange for Children and Youth visits to banks and money museums.

Individuals can also volunteer by becoming our certified trainers in providing financial literacy awareness sessions.

For further inquiries, you can get in touch with Shaping the Future team through:
Telephone: 02 240 544 72, Ext: 582