EBI provides a wide range of diversified publications and activities to disseminate knowledge and raise awareness on latest industry trends.


Organizing a wide range of specialized events such as annual conferences, seminars, workshops and awareness sessions, with the aim of discussing the latest topics and trends of interest to the banking and financial sectors’ professionals and experts in the presence of international experts to share their global expertise.


With an aim of increasing public awareness, EBI delivers a series of publications covering a wide range of important topics and trends of strategic relevance to the Egyptian Banking and financial Sector, including but not limited to:

  • Al-Masrafeyoun
    • EBI’s quarterly magazine website that discusses news and developments in the banking sector, in addition to opinion articles and dialogues presented by a distinguished group of experts in the field
  • Innovation Competition
    • EBI launched “Innovation Competition” to encourage bankers to present and develop their visions and innovative solutions in the financial and banking sector to tackle challenges facing the industry, and drive the future of banking through fostering innovation. The competition is designed to cope with the changing dynamics within the banking sector influenced by digitization and ¬Fintech technologies.
  • Financial Information
    • A series of publications aimed at raising public awareness about modern banking and financial terms