The International Cooperation and Donor Projects Department introduces the best international practices and latest financial trends to the Egyptian Banking and Financial Sector, through conducting in-country and out-of-country programs which enhances the technical and managerial skills of the entire sector in order to bridge the gap between the Egyptian and international know-how.  Additionally, we also organize study tours and field visits to the entire banking sector worldwide to witness and acquire the latest international trends.  It is our strategic responsibility to approach appropriate donors and utilize funds reasonably to support EBI’s activities and new initiatives, and to act as a demand-driven unit to the market needs, and to assist banks in maintaining appropriate international exposure.


International Donors

  • USAID: through the International Cooperation and Donor projects unit, EBI was able to get a finance program from the USAID, which provided the necessary support in granting EBI the International Accreditation from ACCET.
  • Agence Francaise de Development (AFD): a cooperation that supports the agricultural small and medium projects.
  • International Labour Organziation (ILO): a cooperation within the framework of preparing successful entrepreneurs.
  • World Bank: a cooperation supporting the SME’s projects in addition to financial inclusion projects.
  • House of Training ATTF: one of our main strategic donors that offer continuous support for programs, both local and international.
  • CIDA: Through this cooperation, EBI initiated the SME Training Department, which is one of the main pillars for the banking sector reformation adopted by the Central Bank of Egypt.