Based on the Egyptian Banking Institute’s role in supporting and developing the human resources in the banking sector, and in accordance to the increase in banks’ needs for assessment services for measuring the skills and capabilities for employees in order to take the right and fair decision for hiring or promotion, the Assessment Services Unit was established aiming at providing organizations an ultimate tool for talent management through measuring the current and projected ability among employees in any organization.
The Assessment Services Unit provides assessment services and tools in various forms and objectives, either through EBI staff or EBI’s international partners specialized in the field.

The assessment unit starts by studying the client’s needs before starting the project, to ensure the quality and accuracy of the assessment tools and services results, noting that the assessment tools and tests can be conducted in Arabic and English according to the client preference


Our Assessment Services include:

• Assessment for Selection & Hiring
• Assessment for Promotion
• Assessment for Development


Assessment Tools

– Competency Based Interview
– Through a face-to-face interview
– Tests Center

All the tests are designed by experts after identifying customers’ needs. The tests center includes different types of tests that could be used for example:

o IT Test: The IT test is a hands-on exercise to assess the basic knowledge of participants in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet.
o Banking knowledge Test: assess technical knowledge in different aspects such as accounting, finance, economic in addition to the other technical knowledge related to the banking operations.
o Functional Knowledge Test: assess the basic technical knowledge about HR, Administration, Purchasing and other technical knowledge, which is related to the managerial functions.
o Ability Test: This test checks the candidate’s ability to perform a certain kind of job through measuring his/her numerical and verbal ability.

The numerical ability assesses candidate’s ability to execute tasks related to numbers and to understand the relationship between numerical information.
The verbal ability tests assess a candidate’s ability to spell words correctly, use correct grammar, understand word meanings, understand word relationships and interpret detailed written information.


English Language Proficiency Assessment (APTIS)

Egyptian Banking Institute held an agreement with the British Council that aims at providing the latest English assessment tools, it has been agreed on that EBI will deploy ‘APTIS’; an innovative English assessment tool that is designed and developed through experts specialized in the field to help organizations identify standards of English and select staff with the right skills.
APTIS tool can measure four different skills (reading, writing, listening and conversation) in addition to grammar and vocabulary, an essential part in the test.


Why Choose Aptis?

• Language audit to identify training needs for employees
• Filtering potential future employees for and hiring
• Filtering current employees for promotion
• As a diagnostic tool to identify strengths and weaknesses of nominees seeking employment in the banking sector

APTIS tests delivery format is Computer-Based and there are several types of questions that are used:
• Multiple-choice
• Order a set of phrases
• Supplement phrases through a list of choices
Furthermore, Questions’ type may vary according to the linguistic skill that is being assessed.